Restaurants, bars and cafes can serve their customers faster, safer and cheaper

How ? 

What you do

1. Register your establishment on our admin website

2. Upload your menu

3. Upload your menu


Your customer does

1. scans the qr code (or enters short url)

2. Discovers your menu on our website

3. Chooses and orders (can also pay, integration coming in the near future)

And finally

You receive the order in your admin panel

Try demos!

Menu (

This is how your customers are going to see your menu!

Admin (


Password: 123123123


This is how you are going to use the service to receive orders, update your menu and track statistics!

Why should I try


Well, First month is free ! So no risk, you only pay if you like it!

Faster service

You don’t need to spend time receiving the order anymore. Customers do it themselves so you can use this time to prepare, clean and smile!

Faster service = happier customers + more table turnover = more revenue


Safer and more enjoyable experience for your customers

(we’ve heard so many people complain about “dirty” and disgusting” paper menus)

 Even if your menus are clean and disinfected after each customer – interaction with stuff is still dangerous during Covid19


Cheaper service

(we’ve heard so many people complain about “dirty” and disgusting” paper menus)

Because you can decrease the number of stuff or replace the expensive self-ordering kiosks with our cheap subscription 


First month is free !

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